For sale by the owner…

Here is some interesting facts for those thinking about listing FSBO (for sale by owner).

With the power of the MLS your home may be view on average as many as 1200 times in 48 hrs!! That can mean multiple offers for your property!

I look at the hot sheets everyday and the trend is over asking on a majority of listings. If you are a Mr or Mrs FSBO you could be leaving money on the table. Your yard sign or Craigslist posting will never get the exposure of the MLS with over a 100 Realtors in CR with qualified buyers willing to pay $10000-$20000-$30000 more than the list price in certain price ranges.

Plus, you get the safety of having a professional draft documents, handle deposits and protect your interests now and down the road after the sale.

Another observation is that FSBO may be listing for less than the market value. One conversation today was a realtor saying the FSBO was asking $330000 privately. Listed with a Realtor. Sold in multiple offers for $368000.