Stay Calm, And Call Your Real Estate Professional

The Internet is a wonderful invention, allowing anyone with a computer or smartphone to instantly research everything from medical issues to home repairs.

But just like how you might use your online findings to start a conversation with your doctor or your contractor and not actually operate on yourself or build your own house, it’s important to recognize the Internet doesn’t provide the personal and professional support you need to help you through your own individual circumstances. The same can be said for the process of researching homes online versus connecting with your own, personal real estate sales representative.

Today’s ever-changing market is throwing both homeowners and would-be-homeowners into a conundrum of buying and selling uncertainty. For example, a recent poll discovered that 41 percent of Canadian homeowners with plans to sell say they are more inclined to cash in and “sell to reap a profit,” while 62 percent planning to sell say the high price tag of buying another home is making them “reluctant to sell” their current home.*

Depending on what stage of life you’re at — just starting out in the housing market, looking to move up or thinking about downsizing — condo life offers more and more options to choose from, options we will take the time to make sure are right for you.

Let’s sit down and review your housing plans to work out a solution that fits your needs both now and in the future, and in whichever direction the market takes us.